5 Correct Steps to Shower/Bathe Your Acne Away

5 Correct Steps to Shower/Bathe Your Acne Away

Maintaining good overall hygiene is the most important step in battling acne. While this condition manifests itself on the face majority of the time, it can also surface on other parts of the body like the shoulders, arms, and back
The cause of acne varies from one person to another. Having said that, the treatment cannot be general as well. One thing is for certain, showering and bathing is the core of all treatment. But are we showering properly? Here are some tips you need to remember!

Shower from top to bottom

Our hair is our crown. However, it can also be a nest that houses bacteria we derive from using a variation of hair products such as gel, hair serum, leave-on treatment, and the like. It is important that we wash our body hair first so that by the time we get to our feet, the body is clean from dirt and oil brought about by the chemicals of the said hair products.

Avoid harsh soaps

Look for soaps that are made out of natural ingredients to avoid your skin from drying. Your shampoos and cleansers should be on the mild and organic side, as well. Choose products that have anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.

Shower 2 times a day in warm water

Warm showers are especially beneficial to those with oily skin as it has a drying effect. Warm water opens the pores of the skin which will help wash away dirt, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals. Before you finish showering, turn down the temperature and use cold water to close up your pores to prevent blockage and buildup.

After a bath/shower, apply benzoyl peroxide

It is best that you consult your dermatologist about this but if you have a case of acne, applying this is very helpful as it helps kill bacteria. If you see side effects such as redness and irritation, seek guidance from your doctor.

Saunas and steam baths are helpful

Again, this is something that you have to communicate with your doctor first. Typically, steam/sauna is advisable to the skin as it opens up pores and cleanses it. This also improves blood circulation, assisting oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface. After every steam/sauna session, it is imperative to shower to remove sweat.

If you sustain this routine of showering properly and with the help of proper diet and constant medication, acne proposes no threat to your skin! As we have always encouraged, consistency is the key. By being methodological and meticulous about your regime, a perfect skin is achievable!

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