5 Different Kinds of Acne and Its Severity

We all know that there are multitude causes of acne. Similarly, there are also different types of acne that require various kinds of treatments. Let us understand the several sorts of acne and its severity.


  1. Whitehead

Whiteheads are mild and easy to treat. It is caused by a clogged pore that formed under the skin and is neither red nor painful. It manifests as a tiny white bump on the surface. The best way to control this is occasional exfoliation.


  1. Blackhead

This kind of acne is also considered easy to get rid of. They’re just like whiteheads only the top is exposed to the air which changes the white hue to black. Aside from exfoliating, you can have it extracted by a dermatologist.


  1. Pustule

Pustules are inflamed and look like a red spot with a white or yellow center which is the pus. This occurs when oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria mix together Avoid popping this kind of pimple because this is prone to permanent scarring. It’s severity is still in the moderate zone.


  1. Cyst

Cysts happen when hormones are imbalanced and spikes. Its severity can range from moderate to tough and can remain in the skin for weeks. Cysts are red, painful, and filled with pus. Do not prick this at home as it can cause irritation and infection and can worsen.


  1. Nodule

Nodules are set deep beneath the skin and are very hard to treat. Its characteristic is large and painful and can last for weeks, even months. A topical treatment is not that effective since the problem resides deep and it is better to consult someone professional to help with this problem.



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