5 Main Causes of Adult Acne

It is a common misconception that once you’ve reached the age of 20, acne will no longer propose any problems to your skin. According to experts, if you have acne on during your teens, chances are, you’d still be prone to adult acne because of oily/dry skin.

Here are 5 main causes of Adult Acne:


  1. Stress

As an adult, our stress levels tend to be high. It can be because of work, household responsibilities, or we are juggling both. When we are stressed out, our adrenal glands work overtime and produces cortisol to deal with stress. However, along with it comes the hormone testosterone which can drive our glands to produce more oil.


  1. Pollution 

We are more exposed to pollution as an adult because we have to make more trips outside. When we are out in the city, air pollution can get the best out of our skin’s health. Even a quick stroll in your neighborhood magnets dirt towards your face.


  1. Wrong Skin Products

Check your skin care product with your dermatologist first before using them. It also pays to know your skin type. If you have oily skin or combination skin, you can go for products that are non-comedogenic or water-based. Try CleaRx Solution! Aside from the products being gentle to the skin (no matter which age group you are in), it’s tough on bacteria!


  1. Cleaning Too Frequently

It is a known fact that over-cleansing is harmful. It is only right to wash your face 2 times a day. More than that can actually dry out your skin and in turn produce twice as much oil which can lead to breakouts. Exfoliating too often is can be problematic too. Doing it more than once a day, 2 times a week is like giving your face microdermabrasions.


  1. Sugar

Too much sugar intake can increase your insulin level and this triggers oil producing hormones. Low-glycemic food is the way to go. Focus on choosing complex carbs more such as whole grains which break down slower and causes lesser insulin spikes.


Remember that not because you’ve passed the adolescent stage means you’re safe from acne. Hygiene and good health is always the key in maintaining your face acne-free. If all else fails, you have CleaRx to back you up!


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