5 Rumors You’ve Probably Heard About Your Skin

5 Rumors You’ve Probably Heard About Your Skin


Face it, with the rise in demand of skin care products claiming to do miracles, it has become hard to identify if the problems they are presenting are actually legit! As consumers, we have to be vigilant and, more so, careful, with our choices. Who knows? Instead of being a sight to behold, you might end up an ugly victim of these fallacies!

Rumor #1: The risk of harming your skin only increases by the age of 18.

Skin damage does not know age! You may be young but the UV-rays will definitely not know that! Prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful, period. Protect yourself by applying a moisturizer with an SPF 30 or higher. If your skin has been damaged from an unexpected sun buffet, fret not! You are still repairable! Exfoliate not more than 3 times a week and make sure your product does not contain harmful chemicals!

Rumor #2: More hours under the sun? A higher SPF can save you!

No matter how high the SPF of a product is, you have got to realize that it isn’t about the number of hours but the layer of protection it is referring to. The SPF pertains to how well it shields you to the UVA and UVB rays which causes wrinkles and the big C. Prolonged exposure to the sun is best combated through reapplying sunscreen with SPF 30 every 2 hours. Be generous and spread at least a teaspoon on your face and at least a generous 2 oz all over your skin!

Rumor #3: Junk food = ACNE

Although junk food may be a contributing factor, a bag of chips is not really the reason for your breakouts! If you are prone to acne, consider staying away from high-glycemic food. These are food with refined carbohydrates such as soda and other sugary drinks, white rice, and your ever-loved sweets. Intake can raise your insulin and blood levels dramatically and will cause inflammation that in turn can trigger acne. Your full milk, skim milk, and milk chocolates are culprits too! Balance your diet with meals that contain omega-3 fatty acids such as fish. Stop avoiding your broccoli too!

Rumor #4: Only dry skin wrinkles.

While people with oily skin have more protection against declining collagen levels as it is thicker, wrinkling can be caused by other factors too. Smoking and too much sun exposure are the top culprits. Care for your skin by avoiding this bad vice and put on that sun-screened moisturizer!

Rumor #5: Give that face some scrubbin’ for some lovin’!

Who doesn’t want a clean, spotless face? No one! However, virtuously scrubbing your face more than twice a day with cleanser can remove natural oils and dehydrate and irritate your skin. Before you sleep, use a gentle cleansing agent, such as the CleaRx Step 1: Exfoliating Cleanser and wash your face with only cool water in the morning. If you feel greasy in the middle of the day, you can use waterless cleansing wipes and oil-control films. However, if you have a morning activity that will make you break a sweat, you would have to cleanse after that since sweat clogs pores.

Remember, just because something is a fad you should jump on the bandwagon immediately. It pays to research well and consult an expert first, especially if you have very sensitive skin or a unique skin condition. After all, being beautiful and healthy is always in!

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