5 Vitamins and Supplements That Can Fight Acne

Acne is a problem that can plague a person for a long time. It is important that we combat it out at its early stages and bombard our system with vitamins and supplements to support our fight from the inside of the body. If we have deficiencies in these minerals, unbalanced hormones can happen.

So what are the vitamins and supplements that we need to take to battle acne? Read on!


  1. Selenium

Selenium prevents inflammation. It eliminates the redness and removes the pain caused by acne. It also provides the body with anti-oxidants that protects the cells from toxins. Although Selenium doesn’t work instantly, it ensures a quality outcome once taken continuously. To increase its effectiveness, this vitamin is best paired with Zinc.


  1. Zinc

Just like Selenium, Zinc reduces inflammation, redness, and pain. It controls hormones that are responsible in producing sebum. Studies also show that people who have low zinc levels are those that have a tendency to develop acne. Just remember, though, to purchase Zinc Gluconate. Zinc Sulphate doesn’t do anything against acne.


  1. Magnesium

Taking Magnesium aligns hormonal imbalances. It also relieves stress that further aggravates acne. Magnesium also plays a vital role in various cellular processes including the production of collagen and DNA expression. It helps basic biochemical reactions.


  1. Vitamin A

Retinol (which Vitamin A is known for) is a common ingredient in topical treatments against acne.  It helps in the regeneration of cells and it prevents pores from being clogged. It also fights free radicals that irritate the oil-producing glands of the skin.


  1. Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that help the digestive system fight bad bacteria that cause acne from the inside. When this is applied to the skin, it prevents the bad bacteria from getting through and then induces the immune response against it.



With the aid of these supplements, acne can be eradicated easily. Remember to consult your doctor first for any allergies from these vitamins.




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