How To Tell The Cause of Your Acne By Its Location

How To Tell The Cause of Your Acne By Its Location

Believe it or not, the location of your acne tells a tale of what’s going on inside your body. For some, acne may just be a roadblock to achieving that oh-so-perfect selfie but it may be an indication that you have to do something about your health.
The most accurate way to translate what these breakouts mean is through face-mapping. It is the link between the variations of zones in your face with your internal organs. This is somewhat related to Chinese medicine under the principle that an organ can affect another, and what affects one system can have an effect to the whole body.

Here is what your acne says about your health:

The Forehead

Zits on your forehead are related to the food you eat. It is telling you that your digestive system may be in some sort of a fix. It is also a sign of stress and lack of sleep. You may be dehydrated too and have been eating unhealthily.

A good remedy is to avoid carbonated drinks such as soda and fatty, oily food. Check your headband or other hair accessories that you have been using. If it has been unwashed for weeks, it’s time to throw them to the laundry hamper and give them some scrubbing.

Wash your face with CleaRx Exfoliating Cleanser for a couple of weeks. It has triethanolamine which is a good PH balancer that can help cure these kinds of breakouts in the area.

Just Above the Eyebrow

Whenever you see those pimples appearing above the line of your eyebrows, it is a warning that you are sick or about to be sick. Acne in this area means your immune system has been compromised.

Drink lots of water and lemon tea and take a break from tweezing, threading, or waxing. If you are always using eye shadow or eye pencil, this is a nice time to rest your face. You also need to wash your eyebrow brushes since it is most likely a carrier of bacteria.

To free your face from stubborn pimples, CleaRx Blemish Cream is your friend. Like all CleaRx products, it is Paraben free with ingredients that promises to attack acne at its source.

Between the Brows

If you are fond of greasy and sugary processed food, plus alcohol, the odds are telling you that your liver is screaming for help by manifesting acne between your eyebrows. These kinds of food also decline the body’s vitamin A levels which is the body’s natural antioxidant.

Harder said than done, you have to stop with your midnight snack cravings! Lighter options like watermelon and cucumber are fine replacements. Do not succumb to buttery dishes such as baked goodies.

The CleaRx Exfoliating Cleanser can help refresh the face and unclog your pores!


Heavy smokers and those living in the city are most likely to have pimples on the cheeks. This only means one thing: take better care of your respiratory system!

Soot from the air, dirt, and smoke can clog pores and dehydrate your skin. The culprit may also be your pillow cases left unwashed for weeks. You better change them! Laundry your sheets with a gentle cleanser to avoid irritation from strong detergent.

While it is a given (and you have probably heard this a million times), do not smoke! Wash your face, too, at the end of the day to remove build-ups on your pores. A good cleanser is CleaRx Exfoliating Cleanser that has fine beads to ensure that no pore is left unclean!

Chin and Jaw

Of all the acne locations, this one is the hardest to clear. Blame your hormones! Women are more prone to this than men and, difficult as it is to admit, their version of this acne is stubborn and recurring.

A good way to battle this is to consult a dermatologist and a hormone specialist to pinpoint the culprit. Treatment can range from birth control pills to antibiotics.

You can use CleaRx Blemish Cream as an aid to your treatment. It has maximum over-the-counter strength 10% benzoyl peroxide that dries out the acne origin.

Now that you know the meaning of the location where your acne manifests, it’s easier to prevent it from spreading! An impressive diet and improved health is always, always the best way! After all, prevention is better than cure.

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    Good read! Very helpful to those who are having problems with Acne. It’s no longer just a problem with the face. It can actually tell a story of a deep-seated problem with your body.

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