Top Tips for Covering Up Embarrassing Acne

Over 80 percent of people between ages 11 and 30 experience acne at some point.

This could be comforting news for those who are currently struggling with an acne breakout of any kind. They certainly aren't alone when dealing with those angry red pimples!

But acne can impact many parts of anyone's life. It can be difficult to manage and can even compromise self-esteem.

What's more, it can be tough to keep acne hidden from view while experimenting with treatment plans.

In this post, we'll take a look at the most effective tips for covering up acne!

1. Use a Concealer

The first go-to when it comes to covering up acne is the makeup aisle. But hiding those pimply devils goes beyond just picking up some generic foundation and concealer.

A lot of drugstore concealers, especially ones that are more liquid-based, can actually clog facial pores and exacerbate the acne problem.

While controlling the visual of the acne itself, these concealers don't necessarily make the problem vanish over a long period of time.

It's important to research wisely when choosing a concealer that is better for pore health and facial oils. In general, opt for a drier concealer in order to more effectively cover acne and ensure that the amount of acne is kept to the minimum.

Dry concealers tend to come in a stick rather than tube or jar forms. These may be difficult to apply at first, so make sure to choose a brand that won't cake.

Use a concealer stick underneath a light, holistic application of foundation for perfect invisibility.

2. Start With a Zit-Conquering Matte Base

A lot of individuals with acne will use a makeup matte as a means of effectively hiding those pimples. Matte is ideal because it doesn't create a glossy sheen.

What's more, it can make skin appear smooth and even.

It's possible to apply a matte base and then touch up with foundation highlights and concealer.

Try to find matte bases that have zit-conquering capabilities. Some mattes will have elements in them proven to banish acne year-round. Check the labels of drugstore mattes before purchasing.

3. Be Comprehensive and Light

Acne loves an excess of oil, and it favors people who apply makeup in thick layers. This is because excessive makeup can clog pores further and actually promote the production of more acne!

Give skin pores a break when covering up acne. When applying makeup, use light layers if possible. Besides minimizing the potential for further acne breakouts, this will also look more natural.

If in a hurry, don't be tempted to just cover up the most glaring patches of acne. This can actually do the job quite poorly.

It's best to address one's entire face when relying on makeup as a cover-up solution. Be comprehensive in the application in order to give off the illusion of a smooth and flawless finish.

4. Apply Wisely

The tools one uses for covering up acne can actually influence the final result.

Individuals may want to invest in a brush designed to integrate foundation or matte fully. Choose high-quality brushes that do more than just fling particles into the air.

Sponges can also help drier concealers smooth more naturally into your skin. Some people use their fingers for direct application, but be careful about this.

Fingers are a prime source of bacteria and excess oil. They can contribute to an acne problem if not washed carefully beforehand.

Along those same lines, avoid touching the face and other acne-prone areas before, during, and after makeup application.

5. Control Facial Oil Production

It's essential to keep facial oil to a minimum throughout the cover-up process. This is because acne emerges as a result of facial oil clogging around the base of hair follicles in the skin.

There are many ways to monitor facial oil production. Dermatologists recommend using sun protection frequently to prevent burning and oil accumulation.

Others may also consider exfoliating two or three times a week. This process clears dead skin cells from the face, neck, and shoulders. Most people with persistent acne will find a golden solution in weekly masks, which can purify and tone skin.

It's also important to cleanse acne-prone areas twice a day. Use makeup that is oil-free and moisturize as necessary with lighter, skin-friendly creams and lotions.

6. Use Organic, Nutrient-Rich Makeup

Lastly, no matter what makeup one chooses for covering up acne, it's essential to opt for makeup that won't encourage more acne.

The best makeup for skin pores will be free of oil and hypoallergenic.

A lot of makeup composed of natural ingredients can be easier on stressed-out skin. It's possible to choose makeup filled with nutrients and minerals designed to maximize skin health.

Research well when perusing cover-up options. Always peruse makeup ingredients before purchasing.

7. Pursue a Treatment Plan

Covering up acne can be difficult, especially when it involves spending hours in front of the mirror every day to do so.

That's why it's important to pursue an acne treatment plan in addition to a daily cover-up ritual.

A treatment plan can nourish skin in such a way as to limit oil production, cleanse pores, and minimize bacteria accumulation. If implemented properly, effective treatments can help diminish those pimple patches, leading to clear glowing skin.

Consult a dermatologist about treatment options. Or find a proven solution in CleaRx.

Covering Up Acne

Acne can be a huge problem, especially when gearing up for a major event or photoshoot. Don't let those pimples get in the way, however. There are solutions when it comes to covering them up.

Pursue makeup options such as a dry concealer, comprehensive matte, or light foundation. Choose makeup that is oil-free and hypoallergenic to give acne-dense skin a break. Be cautious when applying makeup to minimize oil accumulation.

At the end of the day, the most effective way to cover up acne is to banish it forever.

CleaRx may just be the answer to persistent pimples. It offers incredible and effective results all while prioritizing skin health. Reach out to us today to learn more!


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