How CleaRx Works

What Makes CleaRx Different?

CleaRx is an innovative skin care regimen designed to bring your skin back to it’s natural, healthy balance. Formulated to treat most cases of moderate to severe acne in adults and teens, and prevent new breakouts from occurring, CleaRx does this by killing the bacteria that causes acne, unclogs blocked pores, aids in curing skin lesions, assists your skin in normalizing it's sebum production levels and reduces redness and inflammation. Unlike the majority of acne products on the market, which are only capable of treating mild to moderate acne, CleaRx is designed to tackle more stubborn cases of acne, without damaging your skin.

Science Behind The System

The CleaRx 3-step acne system was developed in collaboration with chemists and dermatologists, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product line. Working together, these skin care professionals developed a revolutionary and unique skin care method that effectively treats moderate to severe acne, while at the same time, proactively prevents new breakouts from occurring. With the synergy of spa quality natural ingredients and clinical strength actives, CleaRx is able to effectively treat and eliminate most types of acne at their source. This truly unique combination will give you the relief from acne you have been searching for and leave you with the healthy, beautiful, glowing skin you have always wanted.